Established in 2001, our teaching studio currently has three instructors. All are professional musicians in the Greater Pensacola area and are  experienced teachers.  For more information or to schedule lessons please contact us.

Claudette Koehler

Motion Physiology, Tone Production

Ms. Koehler, shop owner, is providing on a limited basis sessions to analyze, assess, and correct problems students may be encountering with tone quality and/or physical discomfort. As players age, many find that arthritis is a threat to their continued playing. Ms. Koehler explores options to traditional playing form that may extend their playing years. Students of any age can have tone production that is less than pleasing. There are many causes for this: poor playing form, physical pain, undeveloped techniques, or even stress. These sessions will be limited to one or two per student. Ms. Koehler has a Music Education degree and forty-six years of experience as a luthier and teacher. She is acutely aware of the physical dynamics of both player and instrument in the production a good musical tone.