Bow Rehairing and CodaBow


When carbon fiber bows were first introduced, we must admit that we were skeptical. How could a bow with a synthetic stick possibly match one of fine pernambuco, the wood used for almost all fine bows for the last 200 years? When we compared the CodaBow to pernambuco bows, some costing much more, we were very surprised. We immediately recognized the advantages in durability and stability, but we also had to admit that the playing qualities were excellent. There is no question that the carbon fiber bow is here to stay and the CodaBows have become among our most popular bows. They are available in five different models for violin, viola and cello, as well as the new Prodigy for 3/4 and 1/2 size violin and cello. 

CodaBow has very recently introduced the new Revelation composite bow for bass. This new bow is available in a French frog model and a German frog model. Both have a very nice looking graphite weave finish and an ebony frog that has sterling silver mountings. These bows are already very popular and have a great feel and sound. 

CodaBow's finest bow is designed to emulate the playing qualities of a fine pernambuco bow. The shaft is created using tuned graphite fiber which is highly responsive providing the player with the control and ease of playing required by professional musicians. The Classic features: 

  • Polished ebony finish
  • Silver mounted ebony frog with gold Coda inlay
  • Ebony button with two silver rings
  • Silver wire winding with Moroccan goat skin grip
  • Velvet lined hard shell case
  • Full lifetime guarantee to registered owner
  • Each bow individually numbered on the shaft

The CodaBow Conservatory is designed for advancing players and features playing qualities not normally found in traditional bows in this price range. It shares many of the qualities of the CodaBow Classic; slightly less refined with more economical fittings. 

  • Natural graphite (matte black) finish
  • Nickel mounted ebony frog with nickel Coda inlay
  • Silver winding with goat skin grip
  • Soft drawstring case
  • Limited lifetime guarantee (shaft only)

The shaft of the CodaBow Colours features a prismatic finish which changes color as it moves through light, changing from red brown to green, gold, yellow and blue. Other features are the same as the Conservatory. 

The CodaBow Aspire is an excellent choice for the beginning to advanced student. This very affordable bow features a graphite fleck finish and an ebony frog with the engraved coda trademark. Slightly lighter than normal, these bows are exceptionally responsive and give a clear, responsive sound. Limited lifetime guarantee (shaft only) 

  • Polished graphite-fleck finish
  • Custom Xebony™ engineered ebony frog
  • Engraved 'Coda' Eye
  • Fully-lined nickel-silver mountings
  • Mother-of-pearl slide
  • One-piece nickel-silver button with ebony and simulated pearl
  • Leather-foam grip with silver-thread winding
  • Genuine horsehair

The CodaBow Electric delivers exceptional electric performance for acoustic or electric/MIDI instruments. It captures the precise string vibration and natural overtones of the instrument while minimizing unwanted feedback and surface noise. Excellent response and tracking assists in precise string-crossings and double stops. The Electric bow promotes maximum facility, articulation, and control with a minimum of bowing effort. 

  • Polished dyno-chromatic finish that dazzles in stage lighting
  • Futuristic frog-design crafted from engineered ebony and adorned with nickel-silver fittings
  • Silver-plated winding with leather-foam grip
  • Genuine horsehair
  • Limited lifetime guarantee (shaft only)

True to its name, the PRODIGY delivers a gifted performance. Precision-engineered to provide select professional characteristics at a pre-professional price, the PRODIGY boasts exceptional performance for exceptional students. The dynamically balanced shaft offers off-string agility commonly reserved for high-performance bows while also providing the on-string forgiveness and comfort desired by young players. CodaBow's reputation for crafting supremely elegant performance bows is expressed in the PRODIGY'S refined pernambuco-like finish.

  • Pernambuco-fleck finish
  • Custom Xebony™ engineered ebony frog
  • Engraved 'Coda' eye
  • Fully-lined nickel-silver mountings
  • Mother-of-pearl slide
  • Three-piece nickel-silver button with simulated pearl
  • Morrocan leather grip with silver winding
  • Genuine horsehair
  • 1/2 and 3/4 sizes only